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You were referred over to me from the site because you are struggling with your student loan payments and you are looking for some real help and a plan to dig out from under it. My assistant, Ann Capatino will be contacting you within a day or so to schedule an initial phone call with me.

There is usually a 4 to 5 day waiting list to speak with me directly. If you would like to speed up the process you can click the orange button below to learn more about my service and then request to become my client directly from this site. If you have questions about my service, Ann can answer them when she calls.

I won’t sugar coat it, student loan debt is usually not that simple to get rid of. However, you do have options and it is important to understand what they are given your specific situation.

Unfortunately, because of the student loan crisis, many sham student loan relief programs have sprung up over the last 12 months or so. These programs are staffed by commissioned sales people willing to tell desperate consumers anything to make a sale. Most of these programs are horrible solutions at best and down right scams at the worst.

I created an eye opening video exposing the true motivations of these programs and I highly recommend you watch it. Hint: they are not in business to help you.

If you are in need of a laugh because if you weren’t laughing you would feel like crying, watch this funny sketch from the Daily Show scaring kids away from college.

I recently started this website because an increasingly larger number of my clients have been coming to me for help with student loans over the past few years and it has gotten to the point where I felt an entire site dedicated to the issues that student loan borrowers faced could turn in to an excellent resource.

Please don’t be shy. Feel free to leave any comments or ask me a question about the articles in the My Soapbox section. I hope to add informative articles for you, as my time allows.

Tired of reading, researching, and talking to sales people about help with your student loans?