Getting My Help Is The Smart Thing To Do

Bold??Yes… but an absolute?no brainer.

Do you want to talk to an expert who is paid to look out for your best interests rather than sell you something? You are facing a major financial decision that can potentially affect you for the next 20 to 30 years of your life. Who is in your corner? Who is making sure you don’t make a bad decision? Who is making sure some debt relief company isn’t taking advantage of you? Who do you trust to lay out all of your potential options in an objective way?

Hint:?How about the guy who is paid to do those things for you?

Gift Horse Face 250Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Most consumers never have an opportunity to get real help and guidance from someone like me. Perhaps you noticed, that every person you have found so far is happy to offer you a free consultation, and then simply proceeds to try and sell you their service during the consultation. They are not trying to figure out the best way to help you, but simply trying to convince you that what they are selling is what you need.

It would be foolish for you not to at least have a conversation with me before you act on the predictably awful advice you are going to get from most commissioned sales people pushing some student loan relief program.

My service isn’t for everyone.

Unfortunately most consumers, especially younger ones, make financial decisions based on emotion and not on logic or common sense. Consumers in debt are easy to take advantage of.

I am hopeful that you are?savvy enough to realize that

  • You do not possess a detailed understanding of all options available for dealing with student loans
  • Commissioned sales people are not a great place to go for financial advice
  • The cost of making a bad decision at this point is a lot more expensive than asking for my help
  • A free consultation is not the same as objective professional help

Get my help for the next 30 days

Wouldn’t this process be a lot less stressful if you had access to real, professional, and objective help for the next 30 days? Someone who could review your situation and tell you step by step exactly what you should do at this point. Someone who gets paid by you to look out for your best interests. Someone who can tell you if a local attorney might be able to bankrupt your student loans, and then help you find an attorney that actually knows how to do it.

You can get my help for just $1 down

Yes, just a buck.

You can have my help and guidance for an entire month for just 247 dollars.

All I ask upfront is that you commit one dollar and I will then let you pay off the balance of my fee in 3 monthly payments.

It is pretty simple. Pick my brain, find out everything I know, learn the difference between a professional consultation and a sales pitch.

If after our first conversation, you don’t absolutely love me and think I am worth every penny and much more, simply send me an email, not only will I cancel the 3 remaining payments, but I will even refund your dollar.

I know what you don’t know. I know what you are facing out there trying to figure this stuff out on your own. I know I am worth a hell of a lot more than I am charging to help you resolve this major financial problem of yours. The only question I have for you is… Are you willing to risk a buck to find out?

So what is it going to be?