Is My Degree Worth It?

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College degree worth itStudy hard and score well on the SAT so you can apply to the best colleges. Borrow 200k for school and after graduation, if you are lucky enough to get a job, you are making $45,000 per year.

When the hell did this become the smart thing for our kids to do?

A typical 18 year old has no concept of how much money that is and how impossible that loan will be to pay back. Yet society is almost forcing kids to take this money.

Wake up parents, this on you. I am not saying that nobody should go to college. But you better darn well run the numbers and do some hardcore reflection of how these loans are going to get paid back.

I talk to clients every day that tell me going to college was the worst financial decision of their life. They are facing some hard choices for dealing with the mistake of borrowing too much money for school.

A simple question…

Is the degree you want to get, worth the cost?