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Any consumer in debt, attempting to figure out their options, knows that it is impossible to determine who to trust for real help. Behind every 800 number, is yet another sales person proclaiming their debt reduction program to have been?ordained by the almighty himself?and by simply enrolling today, your troubles will be over.

How does a consumer know who to trust?

I asked myself this simple question many years ago and couldn’t find an answer in the marketplace. So I started Damon Day and Associates?with a very simple goal of giving consumers in debt, access to a knowledgable and trusted friend who could guide them through their financial challenges. Someone who was actually paid to look out for their best interests, show them the best solutions available and prevent them from being taken advantage of by commissioned sales people.

I have been helping consumers for over a decade and if you?ask any of my clients, they will tell you that my service is very unique in the debt relief world.

Around 2011 I started to notice an increase in clients that were coming to me for help with their student loans.?At the time, I didn’t know much about dealing with student loans since it wasn’t something I was running into every day. However looking back now it seemed like a switch went off overnight and the credit card and mortgage issues gave way to the massive student loan problem we are facing today.

The scamers moved into student loans

When I saw many of the debt settlement sales scam outfits start to move over into selling student loan relief scams, that is when I knew for sure there was a major student loan crises in America. I set out to learn everything I possibly could about dealing with student loans so that I could not only warn consumers about the new student loan relief scams, but actually provide some real answers to solve the problem.

Over the past three years of immersing myself into student loan options, I have learned quite a bit and can absolutely tell you that there is no one size fits all option. Every situation is unique. Student loans are not always easy to deal with, but you have more options than most people realize.

These days, a majority of the clients that come to me for help are dealing with overwhelming student loans. So much so that I recently created this site so that I could have a separate platform just to deal with student loan specific issues.

I understand the horror stories that you have heard about student loans, and many of them are true. I understand you likely have Sallie Mae breathing down your neck, asking for an impossible payment. I know this is tough. I know it is scary. However I also know how to fix it.

If you wish you had a really awesome friend, that knew the answers to all of your questions, could show you the best solutions, and protect you from falling for some student loan relief scam, now you do.